Product Notes:
All of the henna powders we carry are all-natural, pure and BAQ (Body Art Quality); which means that they have a significantly higher level of lawsone (the natural henna dye contained in the henna plant), then standard "henna for hair" products. BAQ henna powders are also more finely sifted, which means a smoother henna paste, for either body art application, or for much easier rinsing out when hennaing hair. These henna powders are pure and do not contain any additives. The 100g packages of Royal Rajasthan henna powder are vacuum-sealed for freshness.

Our Indigo powder is imported from India; it is pure and does not contain any additives. Please note that if you wish to use Indigo powder to naturally darken your hair, you *must* use it in conjunction with henna powder, otherwise the results will not be effective, nor will it last.

We make our own pure and natural premixed henna paste, using the freshest of supplies that we import ourselves.

Ordering Information:

Please note that we DO NOT accept any "pick-up orders". All orders are payable by credit card via Square, and are shipped out via Canada Post once a week. Please note that shipping costs vary depending on the size/dimensions and weight of the package.

1) Make a list of your needed henna supplies and quantities and include your full mailing address and correct, postal code.
2) Send your order information via email to: orders@hennamontreal.com
3) We verify that we have your items in stock and give you an estimation of shipping and handling costs
4) We'll then send a "request for payment" notification by email, which you can then pay by credit card via Square's secure online payment service.

2021 Price List
All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Henna Powders:

"Royal Raj" organic henna, 2019 crop from India
"Royal Raj" organic henna, 2019 crop from India
50g $6.50

Indigo Powder:

"Imperial Indigo" organic Indigo
(for use as a natural hair dye, not for usage for body art)
100g $11.00

All natural premixed Body Art Quality henna paste:

Premixed henna paste, in a .75 oz applicator bottle (needs metal tip)

Premixed bulk henna paste, 4 oz bottle


Essential Oils:

Cajeput, organic, 5 ml

Cajeput, organic, 30 ml



Pre-cut cello triangles for cone-making

J-bottle applicators with cap (*requires metal applicator tip)
** Temporarily out of stock **

Metal applicator tips for j-bottles (.5 mm, .7 mm or .9 mm)
(7mm size is temporarily out of stock)


Other Accessories:

Plastic “carrot bag” for filling applicators

Pair of nitrile gloves, professional quality

Mefix medical tape (for protecting dried henna paste)

10 packets of alcohol wipes

Lemon juice, in small lemon-shaped plastic bottle

Henna balm tubes (for protecting henna designs)
** Temporarily out of stock **


e-Book - Mix Your Own Henna Paste: $5.00 (PDF file, sent via email)
Detailed henna paste mixing instructions, complete with photos
(Available in English or French)

Henna design practice kits : $5.00
(7 basic design sheets, 1 re-useable plastic practice pocket)
Slide your practice sheet inside the plastic pocket, practice applying your designs in henna paste, and wipe off to use again and again!

Please note our full
shipping terms & conditions.

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